We are licensed to perform roadworthy’s by Vicroads.


Fineline Automotive is also a VACC Accredited Automobile Repairer which means that we are committed to maintaining a very high standard of quality.

Roadworthy Certificate

Traffic safety is crucial on the roads. Roadworthy Certificate is one of the most important documents every vehicle owner must have when selling, re-registering or transferring their vehicle as a proof of the condition of the vehicle.


The main purpose of this certificate is to improve safety on the roads by eliminating poorly maintained vehicles. A detailed inspection is required in order to obtain a roadworthy certificate which can only be issued by a licensed workshop, such as Fineline Automotive.


Roadworthy Certificate is issued only once the vehicle passes all the tests (usually the same day), and serves as a proof that the car is operating properly and will not put in jeopardy other vehicles on the road.


It is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.


Because roadworthiness is of high importance, it is necessary to choose the right workshop to investigate the vehicle you are selling, re-registering or even purchasing. Luckily, we at Fineline Automotive Service are here for you. We guarantee a thorough inspection of your vehicle using modern technology and equipment. Our highly trained mechanics have the expertise to perform inspection on vehicles that run on LPG as well. We are fully authorized & accredited Vic Roads licensed tester and will only issue the Roadworthy Certificate after conducting series of tests which cover the following areas:


  • tires and wheels durability
  • brakes and brake pads, suspension system and steering
  • seats and seat belts
  • the quality of the reflectors, lamp and lights
  • windscreen strength and durability of the windscreen wipers 
  • mirrors and door windows
  • engine and chassis condition
  • vehicle structure

Feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment today to ensure enjoyable ride in a roadworthy safe car.